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On Paper: Duets For Flute & Clarinet (Grade 6)

Grade 6


On paper is a work that seeks to reflect the composer's interpretation of the various uses and unique characteristics of this most common of all items: paper. Take a flight through this imaginative & exciting new work, sure to engage and thrill audience & performer alike!


**Named a finalist in 2022 Juilliard Composing Inclusion Initiative (with public acknowledgement by the Sphinx Organization, and the New York Philharmonic). The work can be heard in its entirety here.

On Paper: Duets For Flute & Clarinet (Grade 6)

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  • Title: "On Paper"

    Orchestration: Chamber music

    Kind: Duet

    Difficulty: Grade 6

    Duration: 8 Minutes

    Instrumentation: Flute, Clarinet

    Notes on the work:

    On Paper is a work that seeks to express a few thoughts that occurred to the composer, whilst ruminating on a rather common item, paper. Each movement takes as its subject a different iteration of the word, rendered in musical language.

    Commissioned by Shauna Kay Thompson, Corey Mackey, Texas Christian University, & the Texas Music Educators Association. Now available as a complete set, this work will also be made available as independent movements (varying difficulty levels).

    1. Paper Airplanes (Grade 6)
    2. Scratch Paper (Grade 4)
    3. Wallpaper (Grade 3)
    4. Paper Cuts (Grade 5 & 1/2)
  • This work can be heard in its entirety, here.

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