Impromptu: Duo for Clarinet and Marimba

FUN WARNING: This short, quasi-improvisatory work (set in a tricky 7/16 time) blends together elements of jazz, blues, and rock music to create a vibrant and propulsive musical statement. It has been known to drive audiences positively wild upon hearing it. Think of it as Mozart, meets Prokofiev...meets Thelonious Monk -- A must have for your collection!

Impromptu: Duo for Clarinet and Marimba

  • Title: Impromptu

    Author: Original

    Time: 2’ 30’’

    Orchestration: Chamber music

    Kind: Duet

    Instrumentation: Clarinet, Marimba

    Program Notes: I was first approached by Andy Hudson (Clarinet) and Patrick Hardin (Marimba) with the idea of writing a duo for clarinet and marimba in the spring of 2008. My mind immediately began reeling with ideas of how I could both challenge the players technical skills, as well as capture the essence and personalities of both of these, most-interesting characters. Indeed, if you know anything about Andy and Patrick, then you should easily recognize the duo being represented here. Set in a tricky 7/16 time, this piece is loosely based in ABA ternary form, yet blends together elements of jazz, blues, and rock music to create sort of a hybrid of musical styles. Think of it as a modern twist on old classical themes, blended with a mixture of 20th century jazz and rock elements, and based on the style of the blues…OR you could just call it Impromptu, for short!


    Commissioned by: Andy Hudson, Patrick Hardin


    Key: G

    Written: 2008

    Premiered: December 2008

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