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"Fanfare Re-Imagined" for Wind Ensemble (Grade 4-5)

A fanfare for a glorious occasion!


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Difficulty: Medium-Advanced (Level 4-5)


Fanfare for Six Horns, Op. 1, is an award-winning, internationally-recognized work championed by such artists as John Turman (Seattle Symphony Orchestra), who described the work as a “gift to the repertoire.” FANFARE (REIMAGINED) was commissioned Quentin Goins, director of bands at Stephenson High School in Stone Mountain, GA, to reimagine the Fanfare for Six Horns using a large-ensemble canvas: that of the wind band. Structurally, the composer employs a linear, direct, ABA-format, set against the backdrop of a memorable melody. With its complex web of motivic counterpoint, a majestic theme, and a broad canvas of harmonic progression, this fanfare will make for a fabulous opening or closing addition to any concert or program!

"Fanfare Re-Imagined" for Wind Ensemble (Grade 4-5)

SKU: WARMay104
  • Grade 4.5

    An adaptation of the award-winning, internationally-recognized chamber work “Fanfare For Six Horns.”


    At its essence, “Fanfare Re-Imagined” is a collection of choirs that have been woven together into a complex web of motivic counterpoint & development, throughout the work, possibly bringing to mind a diverse array of composers, including Bach, Holst, Dukas, & Ravel. Some elements contained within include bravura flourishes, a majestic theme, and a broad canvas of harmonic progression, and an emphasis on percussive elements, to complement the fanfare. “Re-Imagined” will make for a fabulous opening or closing addition to any intermediate-advanced band concert or program!


    Title: Fanfare Re-Imagined

    Author: William A.R. May

    Time: Approximately 4 minutes

    Orchestration: Large Wind Ensemble

    Kind: Single-Movement Band Fanfare

    Stylistic elements: Fanfare w/ flourishes, majestic melody, harmonically and technically intricate, emphasis on percussive elements, complementary to the fanfare.


    • Piccolo
    • Flute 1-2
    • Oboe
    • 1-3 Clarinet
    • Bass Clarinet 
    • Contrabass Clarinet (Optional)
    • Bassoon
    • 1-2 Alto Saxophone
    • Tenor Saxophone
    • Baritone Saxophone (Optional)
    • 1-3 Trumpet
    • 1-2 F Horn (3rd Horn, Optional)
    • 1-2 Trombone
    • Bass Trombone
    • Euphonium
    • Tuba
    • Percussion


    Program Notes: Structurally, FANFARE employs a linear ABA-format. With heavy emphasis on counterpoint, the work functions essentially as a polyphonic 7-part choir throughout, with the newly designed 7th part being provided by the use of additional material joined to the original 6-part horn fanfare. The work is dedicated to my horn teacher from College, Dr. Kristen Hansen, who invited me to compose the original version. 

    Commissioned by a consortium of ensembles and directors, led by Quentin Goins and the Stephenson High School Wind Ensemble.

    Additional Commissioners

    • Carlton J. Wright  - Alabama A&M University
    • Dr. Richard Good & Lebaron McWorter (DMA Candidate) - Auburn University
    • Dr. Eddie L. Buggs, Jr. - Coahoma Community College
    • Bronwyn Hagerty & Damien Crutcher - Detroit Symphony Civic Youth Ensembles
    • Christopher Duke - Glynn Academy High School Wind Symphony
    • Bryen Warfield - Homestead High School Wind Ensemble
    • Anthony Pickard - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. High School Wind Ensemble
    • Travis Kimber, Valdosta High School
    • Dr. Ben Harper - Valdosta State University
    • Jeremy Smith - DMA Candidate, University of Georgia
    • Dr. Wesley J. Broadnax - University of Northern Colorado


    Key: N/A

    Written: Summer 2022

    Premiered: Spring 2023, GMEA District IV Large Group Performance Evaluation / Southwest Dekalb High School, Decatur, Georgia

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