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Fanfare For Six Horns (Grade 5.5)

Here is a bold, exciting work for advanced French Horns! This stunning composition explores the depth of what horn players can do! A fabulous opening or closing work for your concert! **This composition won 2nd Place in the 2008 Music Teacher’s National Association Competition for Young Composers.**


Grade 5

Fanfare For Six Horns (Grade 5.5)

  • A fanfare for a glorious occasion! Described both as “powerful” (1), as well as an “awesome addition to [the] repertoire” (2), this bold and exciting work for horn players will surely thrill audiences and performers alike. Written as the opening work of the 2008 Southeastern Horn Symposium (IHS, Inc.), this 3-minute contemporary composition explores the depths of the horn in an expressive setting, with a majestic theme and memorable melody. Structurally, the composer employs a linear, direct, ABA-format. With its complex web of motivic counterpoint, a broad canvas of harmonic progression, and an absolutely “stunning final minute” (3), this fanfare will make for a fabulous opening or closing addition to any concert or program!



    1 - David A. White, Composer, and Competitive MTNA Judge

    2 - John Turman - Seattle Symphony Horns; Seattle Symphony Orchestra

    3 - Thomas Chaillan, Composer and YouTuber



    Title: Fanfare for Six Horns

    Author: William A.R. May

    Time: 3 Minutes, 30 Seconds

    Orchestration: Chamber Music

    Kind: Single-Movement Fanfare Sextet

    Instrumentation: 6 French Horns

    Program Notes: 

    Commissioned by: Columbus State University Horn Sextet & Choir, for the Southeastern Horn Workshop (Columbus, Ga.), with Dr. Kristen Hansen conducting.



    Katy Ray

    Amanda Lee

    Christopher Armijo

    Theodore Neumiester

    William May

    Roderick Cox


    Key: N/A

    Written: Summer 2008

    Premiered: Fall 2008, Columbus State University Schwob School of Music / University Of Georgia Hugh Hodgson School of Music


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