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Piano Miniatures, Set I
**Movement 3 is currently unavailable.**

Piano Miniatures, Set I

  • Title: Piano Miniatures

    Author: Original

    Time: 5 min

    Orchestration: Chamber Music

    Kind: Solo

    Instrumentation: Piano

    Program Notes: “Peanuts” was one of my favorite television shows growing up. One of the things I believe that this show tapped into so well was in bringing a wellspring of depth, humour, and characterization to what was otherwise a 2-dimentional world of simple, hand-drawn animation. I believe that this was achieved in part through the music; the piano specifically. To my recollection, “Peanuts” was always full to the brim of short, anecdotal interludes and incidental tunes, all designed to channel the inner thoughts, joys, and pathos of its main characters, specifically Charlie Brown. Sharing in him a kindred spirit of sorts, I have written a few interludes and miniatures of my own; very short, character pieces that are designed to channel the pains, joys, and everyday poignancies of living in this strange, and wonderful world of ours.

    • Amber Wave
    • Simplicity
    • Bubbling Brooks (Currently Unavailable)
    • Earnestly Yours



    Commissioned (Premier performance) by - William A.R. May


    Key: N/A

    Written: 2014

    Premiered: May 1, 2014

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