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"CHIQUITA!" Trio for Winds (Grade 6)

For the Love of Bananas!

Introducing a new work for chamber ensemble, entitled “CHIQUITA!” This fun and engaging piece of music takes its cue from the song “Mama yo qiero” (written in 1938 by Carmen Miranda, and fabulously featured in an early episode of “Tom & Jerry”). A work sure to liven up any performance or recital program, this virtuosic woodwind trio can be perhaps best characterized by an early indication to performers to play this work “light as a feather…but with teeth!“

**Available for immediate digital download!**

"CHIQUITA!" Trio for Winds (Grade 6)

  • Title: "CHIQUITA!" Trio for Winds

    Author: Original

    Time: 7’

    Orchestration: Chamber Music

    Kind: W.W. Trio

    Instrumentation: Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon

    Program Notes: I always enjoy writing music that is fun and light. It is quite something every now and then to be able to let loose and be a kid again as it were with a pen and paper. This piece represents that. I wrote it without an agenda, with no particular formal notions in mind, simply because I enjoy the sounds that come out of these particular instruments. Even the title itself, CHIQUITA, refers not so much to any particular theme or song selection per se (actually the piece is really a play on the theme from “Mama yo qiero” written in 1939 by Carmen Miranda, and famously used on an early episode of Tom and Jerry), as much it does the spirit of what this music represents. defines the term “Chiquita” in a somewhat endearing fashion: one who is smart, passionate, short and petite; often the life of the party, with a big heart and a sharp sense of humour—and at the end of the day, I certainly would love for my music to be any or all of that! This is a fun-loving piece and I’ve indicated to the players to approach the work, playing “light as a feather…but with teeth!”


    Commissioned (Premier performance) by - 

    Kanad Khan (flute)
    Barbra Ann Bon Giovanni (clarinet)

    Jonathan Headen (bassoon)


    Key: N/A

    Written: 2014

    Premiered: May 1, 2014

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